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THE JEFFERSON AWARDS: Our April winner helps raise thousands of dollars for area organizations

Every month FOX 47 features someone in our community who is making a difference, and we honor them with a Jefferson Award.
This month’s winner is Dan Litzinger.
He owns one of the sports teams in town, but his involvement in our community goes much further that that.

Dan Litzinger is not a teacher owner and General Manager of the Rochester Honkers.
In March he visited a St. Mary’s University classroom and volunteer his time to give students real-life marketing experience. He says he does this three times a year.

"What’s fun is giving back," Litzinger said. "When I went to school I wish we had this opportunity. It’s just like an internship. It’s getting the real person coming in and saying this is it. It’s something you can’t learn in a textbook, it’s something you can’t memorize, it’s life."

Helping students is just one of many ways that Litzinger gives back to the community.
From lending a helping hand to the Red Kettle Campaign,to putting on his dancing shoes and participating in a dance benefit, no matter the request he always takes the time to give back.

"The Honkers have allowed us, allowed me, and allowed our organization to get out there and use that brand of things that are good and people feel good about to help raise money for others."

Every year Litzinger chairs the Sports Commission Banquet Auction that raises thousands of dollars for different Rochester organizations.
Proceeds of this year’s event went to Bolder Options, an organization that pairs at risk youth with a mentor and keeps them active.

"There was a point where we were very very close to not knowing if we were going to be able to keep the doors open and Dan just stepped up and said I can help, how can I help?" Scott Robinson, Bolder Options Program Manager, said.

During Rochester Honkers games Litzinger organized jersey sales and raffles benefiting Bolder Options.
Robinson says Litzinger has helped the organization with numerous fundraisers that in total have raised more than $60-thousand dollars for Bolder Options.

"It’s amazing to see somebody that works that hard for an organization that he really didn’t have that much to do with," Robinson said.

Litzinger says it takes a little time and effort, but to him giving back is fun.

"I think it’s important to get involved, it grounds you a lot, and it’s humbling," he said. "When you feel like you have a bad day and you realize it’s not that bad compared to others, and what you’re doing to help out is the right thing to do."

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