Round 2 voting finished for new Rochester flag, final vote next month

When you think of a flag, which one comes to mind?

For most, it’s probably the U.S., Canadian, or Union Jack. But what about Rochester’s flag?

Med City could get a new one this summer, but it will all come down to whether city council approves it.

Six flags are already in the running to be the new Rochester flag. Six more will be announced on Wednesday. One will be chosen from those final 12. In total, roughly 159 flags were submitted to be the city’s new flag.

Accord to Lee Herold, a local flag expert and owner of Herold Flags & Flagpoles, the current flag is not an option to keep.

Judges have been trained to know what makes a good flag: meaningful symbolism, two to three basic colors, and no lettering.

Herold says the city’s current flag has some problems. "It is not something that properly attracts people. A flag should be bold and recognized immediately; it’s like bees to honey. It should attract you. It isn’t a bad flag, but it isn’t the kind of flag that really says, ‘I really like that. I really want it.’"

He’s spent nearly 1,000 hours researching, training, and studying the Rochester Flag Project. 

The final 12 flags will be paraded through Rochesterfest next month, which will allow the public to see them in person before making their final decision.

The final round of voting starts Wednesday.

To see the final flags, click here



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