Following Fitness: Rochester fitness vlogger attracts 30 thousand followers

Social media seems to be taking over many aspects of our lives: how we communicate, and get information. 

It’s also changing the way we look at exercise and health.

Fitness bloggers across the world are using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to share tips to help people be healthy. 

In fact, Rochester is home to one of those social media gurus. 

She’s a University of Minnesota-Rochester nursing student using her love for lifting weights to inspire thousands.

Getting the perfect shot takes a lot of patience and a keen eye for angles, framing, and proper lighting.

It’s important for Bailey Ducommun.

After all, she has about 30,000 people watching on her fitness themed Instagram and YouTube channels called Body Fit Balance.

"I post workout videos, I post inspirational quotes, pictures," Ducommun said. "I like to post recipes on my story, I post fun little challenges I can do, like 500 reps in the gym."

Her photographer is her boyfriend Zach Turner.

"I’ve become pretty accustomed to knowing what she likes, what she doesn’t like," Turner said. "So say I’m recording her and the light looks too bright on her face, I’ll stop it a few reps in before we get too deep into the exercise."

Since she started the pages a little over a year ago, her following, especially on Instagram, has grown faster than she anticipated.

"I began getting more and more messages from people saying they like my content and I was inspiring them to live a healthy lifestyle."

Her reach has gone global. 

"I have people from all over the world, like Canada, Australia, New England, everywhere and they’re just saying ‘oh, I’m from so and so and I really love what you’re posting.’"

Even here in Rochester, she’s inspiring people, especially women, to find the confidence to lift weights. 

"I definitely lift a lot more weights," said Anna Arnold, a member at the Rochester Athletic Club who follows Ducommun on Instagram. "I used to think that all you had to do was cardio, and then she started posted things like you get actually the same amount of benefit of lifting weights as you do cardio."

"I think it’s important to let women know that you’re not going to get bulky if you lift weights, you’re not going to blow up like the Hulk and you’re not going to manly," Ducommun said. 

"It’s gotta be pretty inspiring I’d say to most females because it’s gotta be outside of their comfort zone to do something like this," said Turner. 

As Ducommun inspires the world to get stronger, this social media journey has also strengthened her relationship with Turner.

"We were always into athletics and lifting weights was always a part of that, but now that this has kind of become our main hobby and our main attraction it’s brought us closer because I feel like we connect so much more on this level now," Turner said. 

But for now, Ducommun’s focus remains on helping others. 

"You can live a healthy balanced lifestyle and be happy and not restrictive," she said. "So I think it’s really important to know that you need to put in the work and the results will come."

The Rochester Athletic Club prohibits the use of photography or video in the locker rooms.

Ducommun says when she’s filming in the gym she avoids getting other members in the background of her shots to respect everyone’s privacy.

You can follow her on Instagram here and on YouTube here



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