Austin students re-enact Civil War using water balloons

It’s not every day that a water balloon fight is a part of a history lesson.

Seventh graders at Ellis Middle School in Austin took part in the annual water balloon Civil War re-enactment on Tuesday afternoon.

Students and staff filled about 16,000 water balloons for Tuesday’s battle.

The activity aimed to show students just how deadly the Civil War was, as compared to other wars, and the outcome of modern technology with ancient tactics.

Administrators say that the activity helps keep students engaged at the end of the school year, but also allows first-hand engagement in the learning process.

"You know, when you involve students in the learning experience, It’s more meaningful than just sitting in a classroom telling them ‘hey, this is x amount of 
people died, they died due to this,’ but when you really kind of allow a role-playing activity like this, it furthers that thought process," said seventh-grade 
U.S. history teacher Tom Compton.

Compton credits and thanks school administration for allowing activities like this that supplement student learning in the classroom.

Administrators say that the battle is typically a highlight of the year for students.



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