Aviation education takes off at Albert Lea Airport

Some kids in Albert Lea got a unique educational opportunity Saturday.

Experimental Aircraft Association Vintage Chapter 13 gave kids a chance to learn a little about aviation at the Albert Lea Airport.  During the Young Eagles flight rally, pilots educated young people about how aircraft operates and what it takes to fly safely.  The Young Eagles program is meant to draw interested young people to the field of aviation.  Some in attendance say they just like to fly.

"Well, I kinda just like being in the air," says Young Eagle Easton Schewe, "Like, it’s kinda nice to see the view from airplanes and stuff.  From like a different view of Albert Lea and other states and other countries."

Attendees got certificates officially making them Young Eagles.  



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Morning rain and afternoon sunshine

Morning rain and afternoon sunshine

We're off to a wet start for our Friday, but conditions will improve as the day processes.

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