Bikes roll through Geneva to benefit cancer victims

Wheels spun and engines purred as riders arrived in Geneva Saturday for the Ninth Annual Geneva Cancer Run.  

The run is meant to get monetary gifts out to cancer patients dealing with financial issues.  Donations from the Cancer Run also go to the Eagles Cancer Telethon.  During Saturday’s ride, several cancer patients and victims were honored or remembered.  Geneva Cancer Run President Deann Randall says doing something great for other people is what riders love to do.

"I know how it makes me feel," she says, "I assume that they have the same feeling.  It gives you a great hope for the human race first of all, but there’s a lot of tears on this day.  A lot of people ride for different people whether they’re survivors or if they’ve passed or they’re battling now and there isn’t anybody here that cancer hasn’t touched their lives in a very strong way." 

Over the last six years, the Geneva Cancer Run has raised between 50 and $60,000 for people getting treatment.  

"People find us.  I knock on their door, they don’t know who I am a lot of times," Randall adds, "And then we give them some money and then those people come back and pay it forward! It’s crazy!"  

Saturday’s route included Kenyon, Mantorville, and Waltham before riders went back to Geneva.  



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