Flooding sees 2 Mason City apartment complexes evacuated

Flooding in Mason City forced the evacuation of two apartment complexes and caused power problems in Rochester..

The good news is the water is receding for now, but there is more rain in the forecast.

Along with the evacuations, there are also several roadblocks up around the city in low lying areas.

A portion of 12th Street Northeast will remain closed over the weekend due to road repairs now on hold due to the flooding.

Today’s flooding is reminding people about a bigger flood ten years ago and the improvements since then that prevented things from being much worse today.

"had we had the kind of conditions that we had today and last night and not made those improvements, there’s a real possibility that our water treatment plant would have been in danger," said Mason City Mayor, Bill Schickel.

City officials also stated that the Winnebago River reached 9.6 feet and that 10 feet is considered flooded.



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