Southeastern Minnesota puts on National Wheelchair Sports Camp

Getting people out of their comfort zone and growing is the goal for the National Wheelchair Camp at Ironwood Springs

With all sorts of team bonding exercises, competitions and activities campers do not lack in have fun things to do and get involved with.

The Notional Wheelchair Sports Camp is one of the largest of its kind in the United States, with people from all over the country coming out to participate, have fun and grow.

While also challenging them to look beyond their disability and how they can still live a full life.

"Today I said we’re gonna get you out of your comfort zone and if you don’t like that, then I don’t know why you came. But you know it’s not easy, but once they do and they’re in a very safe environment, everybody’s kind of got the same challenges. To get them to do a rope climb, get them up on a horse and get them in the water, they’re experiencing all these things they never have and it’s a good thing. They go away with less fears and more confidence and build new friendships," said Ironwood Springs Founder, Bob Bardwell.

The camp goes from Saturday through Wednesday, where campers get to zip-line, water-ski, play softball and plenty of other activities along the way.



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