Southeastern Minnesota’s heavy rainfall washes away roads

Heavy rain fall swept throughout areas of Southeastern Minnesota Saturday afternoon into the night, causing flash flooding in Fillmore county.

According to the Fillmore County Sheriff, Tom Kaase, some residents reported as much as 8 inches of total rainfall Saturday night.

Roads and highways in low laying areas were heavily affected and in some cases roads were completely washed out from the rain.

Kaase also added that the areas most affected were west of Preston, south of Stewartville, Spring Valley, Wykoff, and to the Ostrander areas.

Telling residents in those areas to use caution, especially at night.

"What was kind of unique, is different areas sustained quite a disparity in rain and during the daylight hours like this, if you’re coming upon water going across the road, it’s pretty easy to see it. But if it’s during the night hours, the hours of darkness, all the sudden you could be right on top of something or in it and being washed down with the water," said Kaase.

And just a short distance away in the Forestville Township, heavy rainfall completely washed out farms and their crops, also washing away stretches of road in some areas.

Barricades are in place to prevent people from coming near these areas, but as residents came out to inspect the damage for themselves, they couldn’t believe the impact this storm had.

Even in areas where they say there previously was no water, now overflowing with streams.

"It’s worse than we could have ever imagined, we have never ever seen anything like this. It’s a disaster on some of the corn fields, they’re totally underwater and the mud that’s washed in, there will probably not be anything again this year," said Forestville resident Sharon Schmidt, adding,

"We have hay down and a lot of the hay has washed away, if we can get a little good weather, maybe they can pull some of that out and make use of it. But it’s pretty much a disaster in all of these fields and we’ve never seen water run like this."



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