Lanesboro holds 38th annual Art in the Park festival

The small town of Lanesboro celebrated local artists on Saturday with the annual "Art in the Park" festival. 

Thousands take part in this family-friendly event each year, which Lanesboro Arts has held for nearly four decades.

There are more than 90 fine art and craft booths. All the artists are local, so visiting the festival supports all those local artists.

"It doesn’t get much better than Sylvan Park in Lanesboro with the pond and the trees and the dam," said Lanesboro Arts Program Director Adam Wiltgen. "So we’re really proud of that."

Every year since 1980, local Lanesboro artists would show off their hand-made arts and sell them.

"It’s really just an amazing sort of Lanesboro tradition," said Wiltgen.

And speaking of tradition, Henna artist Kayley Dahle has kept perhaps her own tradition in coming to the art festival for the last ten years.

"I’ve always been interested in visual art and creating and doodling," said Dahle.

"One thing I rally like about doing the henna tattoos is that it’s like using a canvas that you can recycle. You know ’cause the henna tattoos they last for one to two weeks, and then they fade. And so you know you want a design, you get it on your hand, and then after a couple of weeks you want something new, well then you’ve got a blank canvas and you can start all over again," she said.

But Art in the Park is not just a festival for arts; it’s a community festival that Lanesboro has a lot of pride in.

"Last year, there was a storm the night before the festival [that knocked down trees]," said Wiltgen. "And we had volunteers coming in immediately helping, cleaning up just because it’s important to the town."

Wiltgen said Art in the Park was one of the first art activities in town, and signaled a change for what Lanesboro is today.



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