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THE JEFFERSON AWARDS: Preston man represents FOX 47 at National Jefferson Awards Ceremony

Every month at Fox 47 we introduce you to someone making a difference in his or her community and we honor them with a Jefferson Award for Public Service. 

Once a year, our selection committee chooses one of those recipients to represent our station at the Jefferson Awards Annual Ceremony in Washington, D.C. along with other media partners’ recipients from across the country.

FOX 47’s representative at this year’s conference, happening this week, is Navy veteran Ron Laughlin from Preston.

We introduced you to Laughlin last December

He spends four days a week driving veterans from Fillmore County to their medical appointments at the VA in Minneapolis. 

He’s been doing it for twelve years. 

On Thursday he gave a speech in front of the other honorees about his work.

"I love it and cannot even begin to put into words the honor and the pleasure of driving my brothers and sisters, my fellow comrades," Laughlin said in his speech. "If you were to ask me when I was going to quit, all I can say is as long as I can drive them safely to the Medical Center I will still be doing it."

Laughlin will also get the chance to this week to meet with lawmakers from Minnesota. 

And if you know someone who’s making a difference in the community, you can nominate them for a Jefferson Award here


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