Sand mines causing problems some families living near Rochester

Peace, quiet and farmland are the reasons why the Beech family moved to the country Southwest of Rochester, more than 40 years ago.

Now they say the solitude is being taken away from them.

George and Betty Beech say sand mines have been popping up around their home, near Salem Corners, during the past 15 years.

It’s creating a nuisance for them and their neighbors, saying on a busy day, nearly 100 mining trucks go by their property. 

With one sand mine already established close to their home, a neighbor’s conditional use permit application would allow another sand mine to be built across the street. 

"I like the entrepreneurship of the families that run these pits, but to have one within a hundred yards of my house, with the influx of more trucks, probably some dust, a little bit of noise I suppose. I guess I would like to see that they did not approve it," said George Beech.

According to Salem Township Supervisor Drew Moessner the land across the street from the Beeches was rezoned for sand mining three years ago by a previous owner, but was never used for that purpose.

The new owners of the property have applied for the proper permits, which will be discussed at next Wednesday’s Planning Commission meeting, where the Beeches say they will be defending their stance.



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