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Veteran bikes across country to raise PTSD awareness

An Ohio man says he broke a world record while in Rochester Wednesday and it’s to raise awareness for an important cause. 

Eli Smith is an Army veteran, who’s working to travel to all four corners of the contiguous 48 states to raise awareness of PTSD. 

So far he’s walked from Florida, to California, and then to Washington. 

Now, he’s headed on electric bicycle from Washington to Maine, passing through Rochester.

Smith says after his arrival to Rochester, he will have traveled 5,181 miles on an electric bike, which is a world record.

He’s doing it to spread the word about veteran suicides, after he lost two people he knew to PTSD.

"It was a bad time for me and the more I learned about it the more I wanted to do something about it, raise awareness, because not that many people know we lose 20 vets a day," Smith said. "That’s every day. It’s not 20 a year, it’s not 20 a week, it’s every day." 

Smith says he’s had 11 veterans reach out to him to say they reconsidered suicide after hearing about his journey.

Smith is documenting his trip around the country on social media.

You can follow his journey here


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