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Austin residents learn about the complexities of the criminal mind

AUSTIN, Minn. (FOX 47) Austin residents got some professional insight into a topic that’s fascinated the minds of many — with TV shows, documentaries and podcasts — the criminal mind.

Former FBI agent Dan Craft visited the Austin library Monday night, talking about his experiences in the field and the complexities that make up the criminal mind.

So many people packed into the library they had to bring in extra seats, so everyone could hear him talk about his 31 years in the FBI.

Craft explained the psyche of murderers and how they work to solve cases where leads may be few and far between, saying criminal behavior is not random.

“All behavior is purposeful, it’s the result of the way you think. Criminal behavior is the result of the way criminals think. Crimes are committed to fill wants, needs, desires and fantasies. Criminals think differently than we do, they fantasize about violence,” said Craft.

Craft says a lot of what you see in TV isn’t always true and after his talk, people will be able to spot some of those errors.

Holden Krusemark

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