Rochester high schooler orchestrates free swimming lessons

A Girl Scout Ambassador in the Rochester community is on her way to receiving the Gold Award.

The Gold Award is the highest achievement within the organization and requires 80 hours of active leadership.

Lisa Alexander, a senior at Mayo High School, orchestrated free swimming lessons last summer for 15 students at the Boys and Girls Club in Rochester.

With pool space donated by the Rochester Swimming Club, she started a two week program to teach skills that could help students in life or death situations.

Her idea for the project was sparked from hearing about recent Minneapolis drownings.

“We live in the land of the 10,000 lakes and for so many kids in America, swimming is just something that they had given to them – the lessons to learn how to swim safety,” Alexander said. “But for a lot of kids, that’s not always true.” 

Alexander plans on continuing the project next summer and hopes it’s a program that can be sustained for years to come. Ramona Barr is Alexander’s Girl Scout guide. She encouraged and assisted Alexander throughout the project.

Beret Leone

Beret Leone

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