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AAA reports new technology doubles repair costs

Madison, Wisc. (FOX47) – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are meant to make driving easier and more safe, but a new AAA study is showing they may cost you in the long run.

Advanced systems such as automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and lane departure warning can cost twice as much to repair after a collision because of the expensive sensors and having the equipment re-calibrated.

The research reported that minor collisions that cause damage to this technology can add up to $3,000. Windshield damage is especially common with more than 14.5 million windshield replacements done a year, and can cost approximately $1,500 if the technology relies on cameras positioned behind the windshield. This is three times the cost of a replacement without the technology.

The repair bill for a minor front or rear collision with ADAS can cost as much as $5,300, almost two and a half times the normal repair cost.

Many variables such as make and model, the type and location of the sensor and where the repair work is performed will affect the cost.

With one in three Americans unable to afford a $500 repair bill, AAA urges drivers to perform an insurance policy review.

AAA determined the ranges listed below for typical ADAS repairs:

  • Front radar sensors used with automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control systems: $900- $1,300
  • Rear radar sensors used with blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert systems: $850- $2,050
  • Front camera sensors used with automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and lane keeping systems: $850- $1,900
  • Front, side mirror or rear camera sensors used with around- view systems: $500- $1,100
  • Front or rear ultrasonic sensors used with parking assist systems: $500 to$1,300

Victoria Carra

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