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Mayo Clinic reacts to name in political ad

In exactly one week, citizens will take to the polls and exercise their civic rights.And as the election season comes to a close, the political ads reach a peak.

One ad for GOP First District Congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn is receiving some backlash after using Mayo Clinic’s name. Now, Mayo Clinic is speaking up.

The ad in question is paid for by friends of Hagedorn and the National Republican Congressional Committee. It  includes his perspective on how national health care policy proposals may affect Mayo Clinic.

Sometimes political ads will include specific organizations – in this case, Mayo Clinic – to show their own views, without that organization’s knowledge or consent.

After receiving questions on whether or not Mayo endorses or helped with production of the advertisement, they decided to clear the air.

In an internal employee release, Mayo states: “Mayo Clinic does not endorse candidates nor does the organization coordinate with political campaigns on activities or advertisements.”

The ad reads “Mayo Clinic Ranked No. 1” and sources U.S. News and World Report from Aug. 14., while the ad says: “Southern Minnesota has some of the best medical care in the world, but Feehan and Ellison would blow it up.”

An emailed response from Hagedorn, states: “Our ads have in no way implied Mayo Clinic endorsement. We would be derelict in our duty if we failed to alert the voting public about the socialized medicine scheme Dan Feehan has in mind and its potential consequences.”

Mayo Clinic has requested that the Hagedorn campaign refrain from including Mayo in political ads to reflect its non-partisan stance. However, the ad has continued to air since that request has been made.

Beret Leone

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