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Halloween brings out the creative side in Rochester residents

Rochester, Minn. (KTTC) – It’s here, it’s finally Halloween. Some people love it, some not so much.

But for those in the spooky spirit, it’s a scary good time.

Halloween seems to be a favorite for a lot of folks here in Rochester – and some people go all out.

“It’s probably the greatest season of the year,” Rochester resident Matt Goetten said.

Halloween is a favorite for kids and adults a like. In Wednesday night’s festivities, there were a variety of creative choices: Elsa from Frozen, a celebrity, a zombie that got bit by a vampire and even the secret service.

But if you’re not into costumes, there’s another way you can can express yourself. Mike Boyer goes all out in the decoration department.

“We have about 88 inflatables, 22, 23 animatronics, several skeletons, we have a large screen playing Scooby Doo, I believe and candy of course with channel one food donations,” Boyer said.

But they weren’t the only ones with an ominous display in their yard.

“We just like to decorate for Halloween, yeah,” Goetten said.

Goetten has been decorating his house as a haunted graveyard for about three years now.
Despite a different theme among the decked out homes – there’s one common thread.

“I think it’s because the kids and the interaction with them,” Boyed said. “We do a Christmas display but its not the interaction with the kids. Hearing their screams and smiles – and the parents too, so it is fun.”

“The kids, I mean truth be told we just like the kids to come over and have a good experience,” Goetten said.

And of course, the candy.

Beret Leone

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