New changes for southeast Minnesota schools after midterm elections

SOUTHEAST MINN. (FOX 47) – A pool of public school referendum questions on the ballot were all passed on Tuesday’s ballot.

Winona Area Public Schools voters said “yes” to a bond issue of $9.4 million for school facilities.

Goodhue voted “yes” twice to both questions on bond issues to upgrade Goodhue Public Schools for $18.8 million and then for another $2 million.

Lanesboro voters approved a $7.1 million bond issue.

Southland voters said “yes” to two questions that totaled to $18 million fix.

PEM voters approved a $15.5 million project and Randolph voters said “yes” to a nearly $7 million dollar bond issue.

In Red Wing, voters also approved revenue requests – two of them boosting per pupil sending for the next five years.

But in the Triton Public School District, voters said no to three different requests to increase spending.

Nikki Naik

Nikki Naik

Social Media and Digital Content Manager | | @nrnaik20

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