Second grader makes donation after school referendum fails

While many schools were pleased with the passing of referendums, voters in the Triton Public School District said no to 3 different requests to increase spending.

The defeat on those questions sparked one elementary school student to do something about it.

Wednesday morning principal of Triton Elementary Nick Jurrens walked into his office to find a plastic bag full of money on his desk.

With a little help from her dad, second grader Rory Ginder emptied out her piggy bank, pockets and purse to give what she could to the school – after hearing this morning the measures didn’t pass.

In total, Rory guesses her donation was about $20 – although she didn’t count all of the coins.

She’s concerned about some of her teachers getting fired because of the decisions.

“I know how important it is to them so I also wanted to donate money to them. And also they might have to cut some teachers probably,” Rory said. “So I also didn’t want to cut that much teachers.” 

Rory says she attends school board meetings and likes knowing about whats happening when it comes to her school.

All told the measures would have increased annual spending per-student by $750.

Beret Leone

Beret Leone

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