The latest in poll results for Southeast Minnesota

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – The votes for Southeast Minnesota are coming in. Candidates and the public are eagerly waiting to see who takes the seat for Mayor and the different Wards.

So far, Kim Norton takes the lead as Rochester Mayor against candidate Charlie O’Connell. Norton is planned to replace Ardell Brede who held the position for over 15 years.

The other positions sparking much conversation include the first, third and fifth Ward for the Rochester City Council.

Patrick Keane beat Heather Holmes for Rochester City Council Ward 1. In Ward 5, a tighter race between Shaun Palmer and Judy Hickey resulted in Palmer taking the win. Rochester City Council Ward 3 shows Nick Campion leading with 72% against Arlo Kroening.

The Olmsted County Attorney’s race lead to a large lead for candidate Mark Ostrem. Although the vote has not been officially confirmed, Ostrem had a 65 percent win by early Wednesday morning.

Nikki Naik

Nikki Naik

Social Media and Digital Content Manager | | @nrnaik20

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