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Albert Lea students meet Holocaust survivor

ALBERT LEA, Minn. (FOX47) –  Students in Albert Lea are getting a powerful lesson in one of the darkest chapters of history, the Holocaust.

The Albert Lea Middle School Holocaust Studies Class partnered with the high school English Department to bring in Holocaust survivor, Manny Gabler, to share his story on Tuesday, December 4.

He spoke of his parents fleeing Germany in 1937. Manny was born during their escape in Milan, Italy in 1938.
His parents then fled to the only place they could without travel documents: Shanghai.

Manny says its important for young people to hear his story.

“Talking to them like this, they know what it is about. It may spark some interest and understanding there doesn’t have to be bigotry in the world.” Said Gabler. “If someone says there was no Holocaust, they can be the storytellers and say, “I saw a guy that was one.”

From 1937 to 1941 Shanghai allowed more than 18-thousand undocumented Jews seeking refuge from Nazi Germany to temporarily settle. Manny and his parents lived there for 9 years.

Victoria Carra

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