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Jack of all trades: Fabbaulous

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX47) – They are working Southeast Minnesotans by day, but when given the chance, they turn into music stars. The ABBA tribute band “Fabbaulous” hosted a tribute concert earlier in April, benefiting Good Earth Village and the Children’s Museum of Minnesota.

Before their concert, the band also gave FOX in the Morning anchor Jack Keenan the chance to learn, play ,and sing with them as part of the band’s rehearsal.

From playing instruments like the piano and quinto to singing classic ABBA songs, the band does it all.

“It’s just the happiest music you’ll ever hear. Everyone knows it…even if they don’t know if they know it,” said “Fabbaulous” pianist Paul Scott.

“You look around at these great musicians. This town is full of amazing musicians and they always show up and give their best and I’m really proud to work with them all.”

The group has a number of upcoming performances scheduled beginning on May 12th at the Paradise Center for the Arts and being featured at “Thursdays on First and Third” on June 7th.

“Fabbaulous” raised more than $4000 during their tribute concert for Good Earth Village and the Children’s Museum of Minnesota.

The group’s rise comes as the actual band, ABBA, announced Friday it has recorded two new songs, their first new material in 35 years!

Jack Keenan

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