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Jack of all trades: Simple Soaps

DOVER, Minn. (FOX47) – Variety is the spice of life and for the crew over at Simple Soaps for Simple Folks in Dover, those words do not ring hollow.

The charming Dover store boasts hand-crafted goat’s milk organic soaps that come in almost any fragrance or design you can think of.

From flip-flop soap bars scented like cucumber melon to motorcycle bars scented like citrus splash, the combinations are endless!

Store owner Shanna McCann milks and mixes the milk from her 11 goats with fats, oils, scents and lye to produce an organic effective soap that specializes in longevity.

“The CDC (Center for Disease Control) just released a statement that says handmade soaps are just as effective at getting rid of bacteria as your anti-bacterial soaps,” said McCann.

“It’s interesting how handmade soaps can do that without all the nasty ingredients in there.”

McCann says she offers soap making classes from January through April each year. The store also has specialty seasonal soaps that are available to purchase online or in person.

Each four ounce bar of soap contains about one ounce of goats milk.

Jack Keenan

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