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Jack of all trades: Rochesterfest

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX47) – Rochesterfest is in full swing and some of the biggest draws to the summer festival are the exquisite food dishes that grace Soldiers Field Park.

Ted and Jack checked out the “world famous pizza dog” from Big Dog Concessions and some homemade apple pie, syrup and ice cream from Minneapple Pie.

“We created the pizza dog we’ve been serving it for about 6 years, um we serve people all over the United States and all over the world and they say its a very unique item.” Said Big Dog Concessions’ Lloyd Anderson.

Anderson says his motivation for the “pizza dog” came from a cross-country motorcycle ride six years ago.

“So in 2012 we took a motorcycle trip we did about 35-hundred miles through the Rocky Mountains and every time we stopped for gas someone in our group was either getting a hot dog or a pizza, two american classics. We got to figure out how to make some money out here, so that winner, that whole pizza and hot dog was running through our head, we just tried to find a way to combine them.”

With key ingredients like an all American beef hot dog, cheese, tomato sauce and noodles, the pizza dog is truly one of the most unique food items headlining 2018’s Rochesterfest.

Jack Keenan

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