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Tax refunds sure to cause headaches for many Minnesotans

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) – January doesn’t only bring more snow and brutal cold.

It also brings something equally unpleasant, the start of tax season.

This year’s tax season is sure to cause headaches for many, with so much still up in the air.

Following a month long federal government shutdown, plus new federal tax laws going into effect this year, your taxes could be more confusing than ever.

Not to mention frustrating for so many who depend or rely on those returns for a little extra cash.

Local experts say those tax payers aren’t alone in being confused.

Bill Oertli has 40 years experience in the field and says he’s never seen anything quite like this.

“Yeah, even for us, we’re in uncharted water, we’ve never had a shutdown like this, especially this time of year, especially to last this long. Now I know everybody is going back and there’s some politics involved, I know they want to get the refunds out as quick as possible, but we’re not sure they’re going to be. So I guess we’re just like everybody else. I recommend still filing them like you normally would and we’ll just have to see. We don’t know until it happens either,” said Oertli, a partner at Oertli & Pleschourt, LLP.

Oertli says another complicating factor to all of this, is that while the federal tax code changed a lot, the state of Minnesota didn’t adopt any of those changes.

That means it will take more time and effort to sort through taxes and any money you get back might not be close to what you would normally expect.

Another issue that could further complicate returns, the government could still shutdown again in a few weeks.

Holden Krusemark

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