Softball in the snow helps raise money for cancer research

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) – A Rochester group has been braving the February elements for 41 years to put on the “Snoball Softball Tournament.”

Each year about 15 to 20 teams come out to play for a trophy and to help raise money for cancer research.

Organizers say there’s normally not this much snow on the ground, but it makes the games more interesting and adds a humor element to the contest.

“I was raised on a softball field for years, with my dad, so this is kind of our sport. So anything that gets us, the community back together, so that we can do something that we love is why we continue to do it. So softball is just something we’ve always done and then we just continue it in the snow,” said Snoball Softball Tournament Coordinator, Jill Brady-Schatz.

Brady-Schatz says over the past ten years the softball tournament and all of its participants have helped to raise more than $45,000 to benefit the Eagles Cancer Telethon.

Holden Krusemark

Holden Krusemark

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