People head outside to enjoy “the perfect Minnesota day”

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) – Sunday was the perfect Minnesota day to get outside and have some fun in the snow.

Which is exactly what kids did at the Quarry Hill Nature Center’s fourth annual “It’s Snow Crazy” event.

Plenty of games, such as snow snakes, ice bowling and snowball toss made for a fun day, while for those looking to warm up a little bit, they had hot cocoa and snow candy inside.

There was no shortage of things to do and organizers say it’s a blast to give the kids something new to experience, and to get them excited about the nature center.

“This was our fourth year of doing ‘It’s Snow Crazy’ out here at the Nature Center and it was a really fun day. I mean, it was perfect! Look at all of this snow we have and it was a fun day for people to come out and just embrace winter, have fun, and in the spirit, also supporting Quarry Hill Nature Center,” said Pam Meyer, Quarry Hill Nature Center Executive Director.

It’s Snow Crazy wasn’t the only reason for people to make their way outside.

In the words of several people out at Quarry Hill Nature Center, a day like Sunday is the reason you live in Minnesota.

Light snowfall all afternoon made the ski trails at Quarry Hill quite the popular destination for many.

People were out enjoying the windless day by trail skiing, snow shoeing, or just walking around the park.

Holden Krusemark

Holden Krusemark

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