Child Trends: The power of praise

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(FOX NEWS) – Everyone likes to be acknowledged when they do a good job. Now new research show praising kids for their effort when they’re young can have major benefits later on.

Researchers looked at how parental praise during the toddler years affected kids when they were in fourth grade.

Results showed parents who praised their toddlers were more likely to have fourth graders with an incremental motivational framework, which means they believe intelligence could be improved with hard work. 

The study also found kids with an incremental motivational framework had high achievements in math and reading comprehension. This type of thinking leads to perseverance.

Experts say the best kind of praise is process praise. This means praising the effort instead of the person.

For example, phrases like “I like how you tried” or “great catch” are better than “you’re so smart” or “good boy”.

Previous research has suggested that “person praise” (simply praising a person not an action) can be a bad thing. Interestingly, the study found no connection between the amount of “person praise” and the child’s development later on.

Jack Keenan

Jack Keenan

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