Ice house, shanty removal deadlines looming

DULUTH, MN — Don’t let the cold weather fool you – the deadline to remove ice houses from some inland waters in Minnesota is next week.

According to the Minnesota DNR, dark houses, fish houses, and portables must be off the ice no later than midnight for each of the dates in the following categories:

Border Waters:

  • Minnesota-Wisconsin – March 1st
  • Minnesota-North and South Dakota – March 5th
  • Minnesota-Canada – March 31st

Inland waters have a removal date determined by an east-west line formed by U.S. Highway 10, east along Highway 34 to Minnesota Highway 200, east along Highway 200 to U.S. Highway 2, and east along Highway 2 to the Minnesota-Wisconsin border. Those dates are:

  • South of the line – March 4th
  • North of the line – March 18th

Officials say county sheriff’s may prohibit or restrict the use of motorized vehicles if dangerous ice conditions are present.

If a shelter isn’t removed, owners will be prosecuted, and the structure and the contents inside may be confiscated and removed or destroyed by a conservation officer.

After removal dates, the shelters may be on the ice between midnight and one hour before sunrise, but only when occupied or attended.

You’re asked to clean up around your shack, and to check with local landfills for ice shelter disposal information.

In Wisconsin, the DNR says anglers must have portable shelters when venturing out on the ice after the following dates, and must be removed daily when it is not occupied or in use.

Officials say all ice fishing shelters in Wisconsin bust be removed from the ice daily and when not in use:

  • By the first Sunday following March 12th on inland waters north of Highway 64, Lake Michigan, Green Bay and Lake Superior
  • By the first Sunday following March 1st on inland waters south of Highway 64
  • By March 1st on Wisconsin-Minnesota boundary waters
  • By March 15th for for Wisconsin-Michigan boundary waters
  • By February 20th for Wisconsin-Iowa boundary waters

Click here for more information on ice fishing shelters in Minnesota and here for Wisconsin.



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