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Mayo Clinic fights colon cancer through education

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX47) – March is Colo-rectal cancer awareness month and on Monday Mayo Clinic took on the fight against cancer by educating.

For four hours, experts and organizers gathered at the Stephen and Barbara Slaggie Family Cancer Education Center in the Gonda Building to teach the dangers of colon cancer.

Mayo Clinic’s “Strollin’ Colon”

Attendees had the opportunity to walk-through the inflatable “Strollin’ Colon”, enjoy healthy snakes and attend free lectures.

Experts at the event spoke on colon cancer treatment innovations and stressed the importance of taking preventative measures.

“Most colon cancers in the early stages are asymptomatic. Patients really don’t have any signs or symptoms that anything is wrong.” Said Dr. Joleen Hubbard, an oncologist at Mayo Clinic.

“Colonoscopies’ something that nobody looks forward to however it’s not only screening for cancers but actually can be a treatment as well. If they catch a precancerous polyp and remove it, then that prevented a cancer so going through the procedure is worth it to not become my patient.”

Dr. Hubbard also says due to a change in lifestyle, more young adults are experiencing colon problems.

A diet consisting of many fruits and vegetables as well as  exercising 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week greatly decreases the chance of ever getting colon cancer according to Dr. Hubbard.

Jack Keenan

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