High Water & Trending Colder

Flooding is our main concern across the area heading into tonight and Friday as water levels continue to rise on area creeks and rivers. If there is any good news its that colder temperatures are on the way for tonight and Friday which will halt out rapid snow melt. Along with the risk for flooding, we’re also looking at some light snow for tonight.

Temperatures drop quickly for this evening and tonight with low temperatures expected to fall into the upper 20s by Friday morning. Most area rivers, outside of the Mississippi, are expected to crest tonight or early Friday morning then are expected to fall through the weekend. Minor to Moderate flood levels are expected on many of the rivers and streams across southeast Minnesota with Moderate to Major flooding possible for the Upper Iowa and Turkey Rivers across northeast Iowa. Along with flooding on rivers, clogged culverts and storm drains have lead to water rising up and over roads all across southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa. Remember to never drive through flooded roads as 6″ of moving water can move a car.

Rain gives way to snow for tonight with snow amounts, if any, remaining under 1/2″. Winds will also be quite strong with northwest winds gusting up to 40 mph tonight and up to 30 mph for Friday. Temperatures take a hit over the coming days with high temperatures only climbing into the low to mid 30s for Friday and Saturday with highs into the upper 30s by Sunday. Some light snow showers may brush the area for Saturday night, but no big snow/rain storms are in the forecast. Temperatures return to the 40s by next Tuesday and perhaps the 50s by the end of next week!

Matt Benz

Matt Benz

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