TRAFFIC UPDATE: Multiple highways in Southeast Minnesota experiencing flooding due to rain and snow melt

(FOX 47) – Multiple road closures and caution advisories due to flooding are being reported by MnDOT Monday afternoon.

Highway 2 south of Elgin and 315th Ave. is has reopened, yet many remain closed.

More Wabasha County Highway Closures:

  • Highway 77 west of Reads Landing
  • Highway 19 near Kellogg, water over road and road damage

On Highway 18 near Kellogg, water is creeping to the edge of the road. Officials say to drive with caution as conditions can rapidly change.

Highway 60 in Wabasha County between Highway 61 and Hiawatha Dr. W. has remained closed due to flooding since Tuesday evening.

Wabasha County officials urge the public to drive cautiously due to the rapidly changing flood and road conditions. Gravel roads are considered impassible in many areas due to soft conditions and washouts. Travel is urged to be avoided on gravel roads.

MnDOT says that Highway 74 between Beaver and Weaver is reportedly closed due to flooding.  On Highway 42 between T-174 and T-177 south of Kellogg, flooding is being reported.

In Zumbro Falls on Highway 63, between County Road 72 and Highway 60 is facing flooding issues too.

The southern parts of the state are also experiencing their own road closures.

Highway 30 between Highway 74 and Rushford Village 12 is showing reports of a surface water hazard.

Flooding can also been seen on Highway 74 between Frisby Dr. and Cox Dr., one mile south of St. Charles, but the road remains open.

In an email notice, Winneshiek County officials said gravel roads have become impassable to two-wheel drive and small vehicles due to snow melt and mud. Drivers are advised to use alternate routes or a different vehicle if they must drive on a gravel road.

Visit MnDOT 511 for the latest.



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