High water continues across SE Minnesota

(FOX 47) – A high water warning is in effect for County Road 24 upriver from Pine Island Friday night.

While the water is on the way down, there is now a threat from an ice jam breaking loose in Dodge County.

Dodge County got just as much snow and rain as anyone, but it’s flat and there’s not a lot of drainage.

Farm fields have turned to lakes and the gravel roads are in tough shape. Dodge county public works gave us a list of twenty county roads that are closed.

Barricades are up blocking the roads that are not safe.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s office has deputies monitoring a large ice dam south of Berne on the middle fork of the Zumbro River. It’s just west of the Highway 57 bridge.

If that breaks loose, it may send a huge volume of water down the Zumbro River toward Pine Island and could impact homes and properties along County Road 24 into Pine Island.

“It’s almost impossible for us to tell when it’s going to break up,” said Dodge County Emergency Management Director Matt Maas. “It might break up here in a couple hours, it might be overnight, or it might be tomorrow. We’re not sure when it’s going to break up but we do know when it does, between highway 57 and here along county road 24 through Dodge County all the way to Pine Island is going to have a significant rise in water levels and potential flooding issues.”

If you live along this stretch, be aware of the possibility of a fast rise in the Zumbro upstream from Pine Island.

In other areas, the Root River in Houston is falling as of Friday afternoon after a record setting crest the previous night.

And, the Cedar River in Austin is expected to fall after causing minor flooding in parkland areas Friday afternoon.

Sarah Gannon

Sarah Gannon

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