Minor flooding continues in Austin

AUSTIN, Minn. (FOX) – Flooding on area creeks and streams continues this week, thanks to sunny skies and the mild March temperatures.

That includes for residents along Turtle Creek in Austin.

According to the National Weather Service river gauge at Turtle Creek, the creek is at minor flood stage.

This means the water has risen out of its banks and has begun to engulf backyards of properties that backup to the creek on 22nd Street southwest.

Austin is no stranger to flooding due to it’s many low lying areas and for many residents sitting higher up on the Turtle Creek, this is more of a nuisance and nothing they are too worried about.

For the residents who’s homes sit closer to the creek, a big concern is water getting into the basement.

“This year I am concerned about some basement flooding,” said Austin resident Lisa Jewett. “We’ve been fortunate not to have that but this year there might be, if it’s not flooding, a little bit of some dampness that we’ve not had in the past.”

As of Friday afternoon, the river gauge showed water levels receding slowly, but levels will continue to fluctuate as snow melt continues.

Most local rivers and creeks are expected to crest and fall heading into next week but river levels on the Mississippi are expected to continue to rise over the coming weeks.

Sarah Gannon

Sarah Gannon

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