Mother worried about traffic safety at Mayo High School

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) – A mother at Mayo High School is alarmed after picking up her kids Thursday.

In a video, Tracy Hutchison sent to the newsroom, we saw six minutes of cars rolling through a stop sign at the school. In quote she said “Mayo high school, stop sign and no one stops, including buses, scary.”

Rochester Police Department Lt. Craig Anderson

Rochester Police Department Patrol Lieutenant Craig Anderson said, “It’s really kind of a good thing she got out and did this just because it is a reminder to everybody don’t take it for granted when you are leaving school.”

A good thing, but a problem RPD cannot fix, “Wouldn’t be one of our top traffic concerns to try to set something up as far as enforcement goes being that we do not enforce the private parking lot,” said Lt. Anderson.

The stop sign is on Mayo High School property so RPD does not have the authority to site someone until an accident.

Lt. Anderson says there are instances where they would cite someone on private property, “We do enforce laws on private property like DUI, careless driving and reckless driving and things like that.”

Lt. Anderson does not think a car crash is likely, “She’s right cars are not stopping for the stop sign but they are yielding to traffic, if you noticed there is really no traffic because it is a dead end street.”

He says maybe a stop sign is not needed, “A yield sign would be actually what they are required to do by actual statue.”

The Newscenter did try to contact the Rochester Public Schools Communications Director, but have not heard back.

Now Lt. Anderson did say he is happy the mother took this video and he will be talking to the police liaison at the school about the situation.

Here is the link to the original video.


Ubah Ali

Ubah Ali

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