Hastings rallies around their communities

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HASTINGS, Minn. (FOX 47) – The community of Hastings came together in a big way Saturday morning as they prepared for spring flooding.

The threat of flooding along the Mississippi River is impacting communities across Minnesota. Hastings residents took matters into their hands before Mother Nature did. Branchline Pastor Joseph Hannah said they are sand bagging for precautionary measures, “We are actually only storing the sand bags just in case they want them.”

Congresswoman Angie Craig, Second Congressional District

Nearly 300 community members gathered at Branchline church including Gov. Tim Walz and Congresswoman Angie Craig to fill sand bags for residents who live along the Mississippi River.

Governor Tim Walz

A preparation Gov. Walz said is crucial, “We’ve got a few weeks left we are in a better spot than we were two weeks ago, but that can change.”

Hastings is used to flooding, but that does not mean they won’t prepare for the worst.

“We are just wrapping up right around 11,000 sand bags as of 11:30 p.m., and the piles as the mayor alluded to they have disappeared from 8 a.m. till this point in time,” said Hastings Public Works Director Nick Egger.

Sandbags getting filled

Eleven-thousand is a number not shocking to Congresswoman Craig. “This is what it looks when a community comes together, this is what it looks like when Minnesotans come together to care for each other, this is exactly what it means to be Minnesotan.”

Now where will the pallets go? “The pallets will be sitting here at this church and then the city will come in with heavy duty equipment and they will bring the pallets over to the residents,” said Pastor Hannah.

When it comes time to build the sandbags around the homes, Hastings Mayor Mary Fasbender said it will be a community effort all over again.

Ubah Ali

Ubah Ali

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