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Inside The Lines Ep. 8: Meet David Norris II

Rochester, MINN (FOX 47)- Picking up a Basketball quickly becomes a passion for most but not everybody gets the chance to turn into a legacy. Meet David Norris the second, when he’s not on the court training athletes one on one you can catch him running one of the Rochester’s premier AAU programs, Minnesota Lace Up. David, co-founded Lace Up in 2015 and with the help of his mentor he began to transform the culture of basketball in the city.

Unlike most people, his coaching career began at the collegiate level but he knew that passion belonged to the kids. Davids transition to high school athletes created a domino effect, it sparked the creation of an AAU program, an historic run as the first African American head basketball coach in his conference and most importantly a mentor to young ballers in the city.

Davids determination has given him opportunities that he’s dreamt of, ultimately putting him in the position to give back. He hopes to open his own gym in the future to give kids who don’t normally have access to those resources a safe environment to just come in and play basketball.

Naomi Grey

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