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National Guard still blocking off roads in Mower County

AUSTIN, Minn. (FOX 47) — In Mower County the National Guard is deployed, with crews working to pick up the pieces. Around 140 national guard soldiers are still responding in Mower and Freeborn Counties, after being deployed Thursday night in the state’s peacetime state of emergency.

Down power lines have been causing havoc for county roads. On Friday, around 30 soldiers are manning five traffic control points throughout Mower county to help block and barricade roads.

Power companies, Mower County Sheriffs office and the National Guard are working around the clock to try and keep residents in the areas safe.

Sheriff Steve Sandvik says people driving around barricades was becoming a huge issue and safety hazard, which is why the National Guard is needed.

“People don’t realize that getting even within 30 feet of a down power line, without physically touching it, you can still be electrocuted. We’re utilizing the National Guard and all of our resources to kind of assist the power company and just ask that people stay back and allow everyone to get their work done. It’ll help expedite getting everyone’s power back,” said Mower County Sheriff, Steve Sandvik.

He says the northern part of Mower County probably sustained the most damage, as well as along Highway 56 from I-90 down to Rose Creek.

Sandvik also said power companies estimate that it could be sometime next week before all power is restored.

Holden Krusemark

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