Spring cleanup plans derailed by snowfall and high speed wind

EYOTA, Minn. (FOX 47) — Although it may not feel or look like spring this weekend, the ‘Friends of Chester Woods Park’ in Eyota still got outside to get the park ready for summer.

As a result from this week’s storms, a giant pine tree snapped in half around the park’s campground sites.

It was one of the big targets of Saturday’s cleanup, as volunteers worked to get rid of snapped branches, so that professional crews can quickly get rid of them next week.

Snow covered Chester Woods Park

A layer of snow in the park also created a challenge for the group.

“We’ve never had a spring work day, where we’ve had snow on the ground before, so that’s a unique thing. A lot of the things that we were hoping to do, we just can’t get out on the trails to do. And picking up trash along the trail system, the trash is covered up with snow right now,” explained Ernie Freudenburg, Friends of Chester Woods President.

A group of volunteers will be able to pick up on the missed work when it get nicer outside.

The Beach and Campground are still closed for the season, but you can still come out and fish until the grounds are back open around Memorial Day.

For more information on Chester Woods hours, you can click here.

Holden Krusemark

Holden Krusemark

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