Local athlete makes waves in the sport of gymnastics

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) – It is a summer Olympic favorite – mesmerizing its viewers with its combination of strength, and grace. We’re talking about gymnastics and one local athlete is already making waves in the the sport.

Frederick Krebs is a 14-year-old training at the Rochester Gymnastics Academy. He’s made quite the accomplishment in the sport: he’s the only male Rochester gymnast qualifying for the Junior Olympic National competition this year.

“I knew from the beginning that he was special,” Head coach and ROGA co-owner Vali Frunzac said.

Krebs doesn’t live the life of a typical teenager.

“I had to start doing longer hours in gymnastics this summer,” Krebs said. “I was really excited. I guess I was just proud of myself for all the hard work, and I guess paid off.”

His Nationals qualification is the result of about 34 hours of training a week at ROGA.

“I do like part school,” Krebs said. “So, I go to school, I have a target class and do the four subjects, then I head to lunch and then I come here.”

“Its like a real job,” Frunzac added. “You wake up you go to school then after you go to the gym and then you go home and rest and sleep because the next day you have to do it over.”

“My favorite ones are rings and high bar just because I think I’m pretty good at them,” Krebs said.

On top of his dedication, the Kellog middle schooler also feeds on the rush of learning a new skill.

“Right when I’m about to do a scary skill, my heart kind of races. My whole body shakes when I’m done with it, then I’m kind of relieved when I’m done with it and I didn’t fall,” Krebs said. “So, whenever I’m trying a new skill, I just try to throw it I guess.”

His fearless attitude, determination and love for the sport that set him apart.

“Its a tough sport,” Frunzac said. “I know that he is going to work hard to make himself a name in gymnastics.”

Krebs has one goal at Nationals – to medal. But that’s not the final destination on the gymnastic journey for Krebs.

“I want to compete in college, but I hope to make the national team,” he added.

The Junior Olympic National competition is May in Reno, Nevada.

Beret Leone

Beret Leone

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