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Inside The Lines Ep. 9: Meet The Med City Freeze

ROCH, Minn-(FOX 47) When it comes to playing football second chances are hard to come by, sometimes the road to the pros narrows right after high school but not making it to the NFL doesn’t mean you have to hang up your cleats. Meet the Med City Freeze, Rochester’s only 9 man Semi Pro Football Team.

The Freeze are 1 of 12 teams apart of the Southern Plains Football League. They play a 8 game season beginning in April with the chance to compete for a league championship in July
Tim Nela, along with the two other founders brought this team to life in 2015, sparking up the cities football scene for the first time in nearly a decade.

Most players like work regular 9 to 5’s on top of volunteering their time as a member of the team. They also dedicate their time to the community. When the game clock strikes to zero the real work begins. Whether that’s accepting donations for local charities at games or visiting schools where they provide mentorship for the children.

Aside from being a team, the Freeze are a family turned franchise all thanks to a simple vision.

Naomi Grey

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