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Accessible playground becoming a reality in Houston

HOUSTON, Minn, (FOX 47) – More than two years in the making, construction began for the Houston Mission 66 playground.

The Houston High School Class of 1966 wanted to keep the memory alive of a broken down bus they had decorated and revamped for a homecoming parade, and at the same time give back to the community.. and so Houston Mission 66 was born.

The goal of the group was to fill a need in the community, to give everyone, no matter their disability, a chance to enjoy a playground.

The project would cost more than $300,000 and took more than 2 years to raise. Two large grants also helped the project from Bremer Trust and the DNR.

The playground would include a liberty swing, a swing that is made for wheelchairs, wheelchair accessible surfaces and ramps.

One fundraising effort used by the community was to purchase pickets for the fence, each one having an uplifting phrase or word on it, such as “I am amazing”.

Now, the playground is being built completely by volunteers, and they are looking for help. The project has to be finished by May 5. Lots of tools are needed along with hands.

If you would like to get involved Mission 66 is holding “Build Week” from May 1 to 5. Refreshments and meals will be served. You can sign up to volunteer at city hall or go to the Mission 66 website.

Victoria Carra

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