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Inside The Lines Ep. 10: Meet the Minnesota Vixens

ROCHESTER, Minn (FOX 47)-For years women have been breaking down barriers in the world of sports and creating opportunities for themselves in arenas once exclusively populated by men. Meet the Minnesota Vixens, the nation’s longest running Women’s Tackle Football Team.

The Vixens took the road less traveled through 4 different leagues across 20 seasons while winning 2 conference championships before earning the respect they have today. Though the Vixens struggled to gain community support in the early years…the team managed to persist through some trying times

Being the only women’s football team in the state, The Vixens opened doors for women of all ages who have a passion for a sport originally dominated by men, proving to naysayers the gender gap might not be as big as some people think.

Naomi Grey

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