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Inside The Lines Ep. 12: Meet Ethan Williams and Dennis Johnson

Rochester, MINN (FOX 47)- The art power lifting comes with no age requirements, success in the sport is built through strength, a good state mind and a rock solid support system. Meet Ethan Williams and Dennis Johnson, the World Champion power lifting duo with more than 60 yrs of experience combined, with just 11 months of that belonging to Ethan.

“My dad was the one who initially got me into the gym because I was interested in what he was doing and I wanted to try it out with him and after working out with him for about a year,” said Ethan Williams who broke a world  record at his  first power lifting competition.

Ethan’s father Jim, a strength and conditioning has been lifting for 40 years, getting his son to follow those foot steps was a no brainer, but as for what was next? Well that was destiny.

“Ethan saw me deadlifting he asked his dad what I was doing he filled him in on all the technicalities, Ethan came over and introduced himself and the rest was history as they will say,” said Dennis Johnson, a 75 year old world class powerlifter.

Dennis took Ethan under his wing and began to mold him into world class power lifter, at just 15 years old he’s already set 3 world, national and state records.

“One thing that’s helped me is having somebody to workout with cause I’ve had to workout by myself just a couple of times but when somebodies here it makes a world of a difference especially when Denny’s here he’s really my motivation to get in the gym and pull heavy weights,” says Ethan.

Denny is still competing at 75 years old, he’ll embark on a new journey in a few months when he moves up a age group in his next competition

“I am just thankful and blessed that I could still do this and share it with a lot of people coming up, I hope to do it as long as I can,” said Johnson.

Both Ethan and Dennis plan to compete at the WABDL World Powerlifing Championship in November in Las Vegas.

Naomi Grey

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