Handgun found in highway ditch after alleged threat

NEAR ROCHESTER, Minn. (Fox 47) – A deputy was conducting a traffic stop when a woman in danger got his attention as she drove by.

A 45-year-old Eyota woman said she was driving north on County Road 11 when the car in front of her began to drive erratically around 5:30 Monday night.

There appeared to be two men inside, and the passenger brandished a handgun after the driver allegedly tried to get the woman to hit the rear-end of their car.

The woman then honked and waved her arms at the deputy conducting the stop as the two cars headed west on Viola Road.

The suspect car left the scene when the woman stopped to speak to the deputy. It is believed the gun was tossed soon afterward. A Rochester Police canine was called to find the handgun. The canine then found a break action revolver in the ditch nearby, which is believed to be the one used in the threat.

Law enforcement believe they know who’s responsible based on a partial plate number and the suspect car’s description as an older Buick model. The description matches a car that was involved in prior incidents, but law enforcement is still investigating.



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