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Rochester student representing her city on one of the biggest stages in gymnastics

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) — One of Rochester’s own is shining on the national stage, and only just completed her junior year of high school.

It’s something no one in her family expected, Abby Mueller is competing on the highest stage of gymnastics and earned a spot on the University of Minnesota gymnastics team.

Abby Mueller competing on the floor at the 2019 Junior Olympic Nationals in Indianapolis, IN.

From the age of two, Abby Mueller knew gymnastics was in her blood.

“It started off really easy, just going for fun and then as I got better, hours obviously got longer,” said Abby.

But it was hard to fathom her reaching the stage she’s at now.

“I haven’t always been super good and it took a lot of training and hard work to be able to get even close to where I’m at now,” continued Abby.

Competing at the Junior Olympic Nationals since 2016 and earning a scholarship to be apart of the University of Minnesota gymnastics team in 2020. Something even her parents weren’t expecting when Abby got into gymnastics.

Abby Mueller.

“No, I don’t even think, I mean not for me. No, you just don’t expect that, you just expect to go out there and have fun,” said her parents, Jason and Nicole Mueller.

The two can still remember where it all started.

“Really it all started out with just a mommy and me class, because she used to run down our hall and jump over the arm of the couch and we just really wanted to get her into an energy outlet and we had no idea it would ever end up into this,” continued Nicole.

From Rochester, Minnesota to competing in national events and donning the Maroon and Gold in the future.

“I definitely am excited to help them wherever I can and bring my best to them, because that’s the goal: to be the best,” explained Abby.

The best so far, placing 7th in the all-around at Junior Olympic Nationals in Indianapolis with a 38.400,

Abby Mueller looking back at pictures from Junior Olympic Nationals.

“This was the best finish I’ve ever had.”

Excited about her top 10 finish, Abby is already thinking about next year’s competition.

“I feel like I can do even better than I did this year, even though it was a huge leap, I feel like there’s still more in store,” concluded Abby.

Abby says she thinks Minnesota has some of the best gymnastics in the country and she can’t wait to represent Rochester on the biggest stages of her career. This won’t be the last you hear about Abby Mueller.

Holden Krusemark

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