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Proposed new Lanesboro Wastewater Treatment Plant draws more criticism

LANESBORO, Minn. (FOX 47) — The drama in Lanesboro continues over the proposed new Wastewater Treatment Facility and its location along the Root River.

Plenty of people in the community are upset over the new Wastewater Treatment Plant and have let their voices be heard in the recent months.

City Council members at Monday night’s Lanesboro City Council meeting.

In May, the Public Utilities Commission voted 2-1 to place a Moratorium on the project, but on Monday night the City Attorney, Thomas Manion, was saying, “the buck stops at the City Council.”

While City Council made no vote or a decision during Monday night’s public session, the council did hold a closed session.

Several residents told FOX 47 it was so the council could work on buying the property next to the proposed site, because that site might not currently be big enough for the planned facility.

Even residents from other communities, like Jeffrey Broberg, the President of the National Trout Center in Preston, are concerned about the project and what is going on.

“It’s in the flood plain, the existing facility is not. So they would have to waive their flood plain ordinances to put a high value operation in a high risk area. That is imprudent in my opinion and certainly you can engineer it, but there’s costs to that. We learned with the new type of treatment system they’re proposing, it takes a lot more space, so they’re not only going to have to acquire the new site, but an adjoining property as well,” explained Broberg.

Members of the public at Monday night’s Lanesboro City Council meeting.

Broberg maintains that Lanesboro has done a great job with the current wastewater treatment plant since it opened in the 1930’s.

He like many others believe the current treatment plant is in a great location and upgrading it is a more feasible option than the new proposed lot.

Lanesboro Mayor Jason Reeseman declined to comment on anything following Monday night’s meeting.

Holden Krusemark

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