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Gov. Tim Walz signs historic eldercare bill into law

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) – Governor Tim Walz signed a new bill into law establishing protections for seniors and vulnerable adults living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

This comes after a growing number of stories of neglect and abuse and years of eldercare advocates pushing for change at the capitol.

“There are people in this room, who have quite literally spent their entire professional theme, working on these issues, said Gov. Walz at a news conference in Brooklyn Center.

The new law requires all of those facilities to be licensed, creates a resident’s bill of rights, and allows residents and their families to install cameras in living spaces.

“The assisted living facilities, many of them, did not like that the care was being monitored by the families, said Jean Peters, vice-president of Elder Voice Family Advocates. “So, they were pulling the cameras out or they were stating in their contract when they signed their lease that you can’t have a camera.”

Not only can families have a camera, but they can also install one in an effort to catch potential wrongdoing.

“If they find out that you have a camera they will kick you out or retaliate against you. People have that fear. With the new law, they have two weeks to put the camera in without informing the facility if they have that fear.” said Peters.

Linda Ha

Reporter | @LindaHaTV |

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