Lanesboro city leaders defend Wastewater Treatment Facility proposal

LANESBORO, Minn. (FOX 47) – The proposal of a future waste water treatment facility in Lanesboro has become quite controversial. With the current facility more than 80 years old, there’s no debate about needing an upgrade. The fight is over where to put the new plant.

City leaders are now trying to alleviate concerns from residents through a document defending the current proposed location, hoping to “clarify misinformation.”

Existing Wastewater Treatment Facility.The response covers site selection, aesthetic concerns, zoning issues and as well as floodplain issues. It also rebuts suggestions like rebuilding a new facility on the existing site.

Regarding site selection, the city says they recognize the chosen site – located along Highway 250 – isn’t perfect, but its the most feasible choice among the several sites assessed.

The document states: “The City recognizes there are challenges with this site Sales Commission site related to floodplain, zoning, and aesthetics. These items are addressed separately in this document. However, all the sites that were considered during the process had similar challenges as well as additional challenges related to land acquisition and distance from the existing collection system discharge point and outfall location….The City chose the Sales Commission site because it was the most feasible, cost-effective site available,
and plans to take reasonable measures to mitigate the aesthetic issues associated with the proposed

When it comes to aesthetic concerns, the city says they recognize that “the placement of a WWTF on the Proposed site for new Wastewater Treatment Facility.proposed site is not ideal from an aesthetic standpoint.”  To make it more aesthetically pleasing, the city plans to incorporate “visual screening” into the final design of the plant.

The document continues to go into detail, defending zoning issues and floodplain issues. The entire response can be found here. 

The next city council meeting is Monday, July 1st.

Existing Wastewater Treatment Facility.
Beret Leone

Beret Leone

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